The Strange Being That Is The Artist-Curator

I belong to the expanding group of artists who, besides making art, also curate exhibitions and projects themselves. (Although big curatorial commissions are still refused to artists internationally, there is at least a general acceptance of the artist-curator phenomenon.) 

I was trained as a painter in Romania in the 90s. At the Cluj Napoca art school, where I started my studies, expressionism seemed the best way to accommodate the general anguish of living in transition Romania. (This was before the neorealist movement started, for which the Cluj Napoca school is known today.) During my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in in Bucharest, where I obtained my Masters degree in Visual Arts, I started to experiment with the medium of installation, and focused on creating life-sized sculptures and painted objects, which then I integrated into my installations.

After arriving in Switzerland in 2006, I studied at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and got my Master in Advanced Studies in Curating in 2010. This is when I started to curate exhibitions, manage an art space, and act as an artist-curator on the Zurich art scene.

My works as an artist continue to take the shape of installations, using media like photography, painting, drawing or video, as well as ready-mades. As a predilection, I continue to work with life-size sculptures, which I place in different locations and contexts (art and non-art), often as temporary and transitory installations.

My curatorial projects are set up both inside the white space and in public space, and are dealing with issues like feeling at home in an expanding world, the (im)possibility of community, exclusion, immigration, and being human in general. 

Over the past three years both my curatorial and my artistic projects moved significantly towards the open space of public space, in order to reach a broader public and to familiarize it with (and hopefully excite it about) contemporary art.